About Your Surgery

About your surgery


Severe pain and decreased movement can result as the cartilage wears away in the joint due to osteoarthritis and other diseases. The joint surfaces rub against each other, becoming rough, pitted and irritated. Joint replacement surgery replaces these worm surfaces with prosthesis composite comprised of smooth surfaces much like the healthy joint.

Total Knee Replacement

  • Prosthesis - components are made of metal (typically steel alloy) and high-density polyurethane plastic.
  • Your kneecap is not removed. It is left intact. If arthritis has affected the undersides kneecap the surgeon will often smooth the surface and cement is small plastic button for improved movement


Total Hip Replacement

  • Prosthesis - components are made of metal polyurethane plastic and or ceramic
  • Weight-bearing movement precautions depend on how your surgery was performed. Your therapist will discuss this with you in detail after surgery based on your surgeon Specific Instructions



You'll be asked to sign the consent form prior to surgery to all the surgeon to perform the required surgical procedure please make sure that you understand the procedure risks near options prior to sign the form is important to us that you completely understand the information and are an active partner in your care