Mindset & Your Surgery

Without acknowledging it, everyone has experienced the connection between their thoughts and their body. For most people, just the thought of public speaking triggers a variety of physical responses. 

Your blood pressure might go up.
You start sweating.
Your voice might shake.
Your stomach might be tight.

All of this happens in your body BEFORE you even take a single step on-stage. Your mind has already responded to a situation that hasn't happened yet.


What might come as a surprise, is that you can choose what your response is to situations like public speaking.
Sound crazy? 

Scientists have been researching how your mind impacts your total joint surgery for many years have had discovered amazing connections. 

The outcome of your total joint is impacted by many things including your mental state prior to surgery.

  • In a 2016 study published in the Journal of Arthroplasty, researchers found that patient with a depressed or anxious mindset, had a surgery that cost $3420 more than a patient without the negative mindset.
  • Another study out of the Journal of Arthroplasty found that total hip patients with mental illness were twice (2x) as likely to have a surgical revision, more likely to have pneumonia, twice (2x) as likely to have respiratory failure, and twice (2x) as likely to have an infection, break or dislocation!
  • The Permanente Journal found patients that participated in a daily guided imagery practice for anxiety and pain, reported surgeries with less pain and anxiety.
  • The Journal of Clinical Nursing found that patient that participated in relaxation therapy had lower anxiety and pain scores. 

This is only a short list of studies that point to the immense power that mindset has in impacting your surgery.