Surgery Team

Your surgical and care team is made up of many dedicated professionals who will work with you to make sure your stay at your hospital is pleasant and your transition back home as smooth as possible.

Your Orthopedic surgeon

Your Orthopedic surgeon is an expert in the treatment of many musculoskeletal problems. He or she will work with you from diagnosis through treatment and on into therapy and rehabilitation providing the best care available.

Nursing Team

Nursing staff will be here to meet your needs 24 hours a day during your hospital stay. Nurses will assist you with your recovery pain management and work with the rest of your team to ensure your needs are met.

Care coordinator discharge planner

Answer questions or handle concerns regarding discharge during your hospital stay

  • coordinate your discharge plans with physician nursing and therapy staff
  • make arrangements for aftercare services and equipment as needed
  • interact with your insurance company as needed

Physical & Occupational Therapist

  • exercises to increase strength and range of motion
  • instruct and assist you with your exercise program after surgery
  • teach you the correct way to get in and out of bed walk and perform activities of daily living safety including accessing your tub or shower
  • Help you to adopt the temporary Lifestyle Changes following joint replacement surgery