What is a Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement

Depending on the technique and or approach used by your surgeon, you may have certain weight bearing and or movement precautions following your surgery. These precautions will fully explain to you by your therapist based on your surgeon specific orders.

Weight Bearing Precautions

  • If your hip replacement is not cemented you may be restricted from putting full weight on your operated leg for several weeks. Your therapist will show you how to unweight your leg using the Walker or Crutches
  • If your hip replacement is cemented you will likely be allowed to Bear full weight on your operated like immediately after surgery.

Movement Restrictions

Posterior Approach

  • No bending of the hip greater than 90°
  • No pointing your toes in Hip internal rotation
  • No crossing your legs hip abduction

Use a high back chair with armrest, avoid low sofas and chairs with wheels. Your operated leg may be resting in a foam splint to assist with maintaining proper precautions when in bed.