Deluxe Joint Package

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This total joint kit is for patients recovering from total hip or knee replacement surgery. Includes four items to help remain independent when bathing, dressing, and other daily tasks.
Each kit includes four items to help people avoid overuse. The kit comes in a plastic bag and includes:
  • Reacher
    This extra-long 26" reacher is essential for or grabbing items far away or off the floor
  • Plastic shoehorn
    Putting on shoes can be especially difficult after surgery. This extra-long, 16-1/2" shoehorn makes this daily activity easy.
  • Sock Aid
    Similar to shoes, reaching your feet to put on sock every day can be challenging with decreased flexibility after surgery. This Sock Aid allows you to easily put on your socks without 
  • Contoured bath sponge
    Whether in your shower or bath, the extra length sponge will help you wash while recovering
  • Dressing Aid
    This dressing stick was specifically designed to help you regain your independence after surgery by making it easier to put on and take off clothing. 
  • Elastic Shoelaces
    These elastic shoelaces allow you to continue using your current laced shoes but without the challenge of tying them. Simply replace your current laces with these new elastic laces and pull them tight. (1x white laces & 1x black laces)